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Chris DeSerio

Freeing you to have an even better life and addressing the ordinary to the extraordinary

Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt


(In-Person, Phone, Online and Remote)


Practicing In-Person Throughout New Jersey/New York

(Based out of Lily Dale, Rutherford, and Asbury Park)

Author of the book 2 Keys for You to Succeed in Your Business and Personal Life Using Your Natural Psychic Gifts and the forthcoming book Seven Ways for You to Transform Your Life Into the 1 You Want to Live: And What It's Costing You Not to Live That Life.

"What started out as a mixture of fascination and fear in my childhood turned to an understanding, embracing, and a passion that I'm glad to be living and able to share with others as a medium."


Chris DeSerio

Psychic, Mental Medium, Physical Medium, Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher

Trance Medium & Tutor

"Healing comes naturally for me and so I complement my mediumship in other forms of healing such as psychotherapy and hypnotism."

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