Chris DeSerio Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master and Teacher, Trance Healer, and Metaphysical Teacher

Chris DeSerio

Freeing you to have an even better life and addressing the ordinary to the extraordinary

Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt



Practicing Throughout NJ and Bordering PA/NY

(Based in Asbury Park)

~Better understanding you, your place in life, and shaping your future.

~Exchanging feelings, thoughts, and behaviors for those you want.

~Heightening your awareness thereby acting with greater certainty and better results personally and professionally.

~Properly maintaining yourself mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

~Removing undesirable energy from you, your home, and other places you frequent.

~Drawing in the positive, and saying good-bye to everything else.

~Receiving communication from those in Spirit (people and animals alike).

~Recognizing past influences and how to use this knowledge today.

These are just a few of the the ways ....other empowering, healing, and fun services are available to both YOUTH and ADULTS.

Appointments Available By Phone, Online, and Remote (As Applicable)

Chris DeSerio

Psychic, Mental Medium, Physical Medium, Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher

Consultant, Hypnotist, Trance + Physical & Teaching Medium, Healer, and Psychotherapist

Oftentimes Chris conducts an upfront evaluation so as to create a plan of action for your first appointment so that if you're like some people in being uncertain about what you need or how to go about change, just give him a call and discuss.

More Services, Calendar,

and Resources (~Click Below~)

VIDEOS on a few of the services offered

Consulting Appointments (1 Time or Ongoing)

Become a Reiki Master, Teacher

Practical Energetics for Everybody

Curse, Hex, Jinx Removal

Private Psychic Events and Mediumship Galleries

Practice Circles (Psychic/Mediumship)


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